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christopher bowman



everyone has a story to share... they include our past experiences, our current understanding and awareness, and the possible futures we can imagine. my story is as unique as yours, but no more important.

as an artist, i love to make things, and i love learning how to make new things. what brings me the most satisfaction is creating things for other people, and sharing concepts and ideas through the things that i make.

i am also a teacher. my passion is teaching others how to think in divergent ways, and to help them to think from multiple perspectives. i currently teach in the STEAM program at Anoka High School, and through the Rum River Center for the Arts.




anoka high school (STEAM and visual arts educator)

rum river art center (visual arts educator)

anoka middle school for the arts (visual arts educator)

richfield STEM school (elementary visual arts educator)

minneapolis institute of arts (mia) (visual arts educator)

minneapolis institute of arts (mia) (community arts associate)

fieldstone elementary school (visual arts educator)

morris bye elementary school (visual arts educator)

franklin elementary school (visual arts educator)

lincoln elementary school for the arts (visual arts educator)

eisenhower elementary school (visual arts educator)

back alley gallery (artist run cooperative: lowertown, st. paul) 

tracy middle school, tracy, CA (visual arts educator)

bemidji headwaters art center (visual arts educator)

headwaters art co-op (gallery director)

fly by night artspace (gallery director)

*art exhibitions: group and solo shows available upon request

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