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Wine and Shine Event

We will use wine to create unique art works to display in your home or office. Using traditional watercolor techniques we will explore what amazing things wine can do! 


A glass of wine is provided, and you are encouraged to bring a bottle to share.


July 20th

7-9pm (21+ event)



Watercolor Meditations Event

We will learn a series of watercolor techniques you can use to create a beautiful, zen-inspired, watercolor painting (or series of paintings). All experience levels welcome. This event is designed for late teens and adults.


July 11th




Cardboard Siege Event

This one day art event will transport the young artists back in time. They will create medieval and viking-inspired accessories for an end of the day, mini-performance, castle siege that parents and friends are welcome to watch. Knights, Kings, Queens, Princes and Princesses are welcome.


July 17th


3:45 performance



Drawing What You See Camp

This FULL week camp is modelled after Betty Edwards' award winning book, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. It is a series of drawings that are designed to help the artist's drawing skills. The before and after results are incredible.

July 27-31

9am-3pm M-F

Friday Art Reception 2:30-3pm


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