Camps with Bowman at the

Rum River Arts Center

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Camps at the

Crooked Lake Workshop




Youth: these classes and camps focus on skills children need while developing learning skills that give children an academic advantage in the classroom.


Private Lessons: are designed to help aspiring young artists develop a personal understanding of art while creating portfolio-ready original artwork. 

Adults: classes and experiences for adults are meant to deliver a specific artistic skill or project while providing an entertaining environment where being social and creative go hand in hand.



The Crooked Lake Workshop

12924 Crooked Lake Blvd NW, Coon Rapids, MN 55448

Full-Day camps run from 9:00-2:00

M-F Full-Day Camp cost: $225

Half-Day camps run from 9:00-12:00

M-W Half-Day Camp cost: $85

Call or text to register: 

CHRISTOPHER @ 612-554-4652

  • Drop off students with the instructor in the front prior to class. Please be on time. If you happen to arrive late, please contact the instructor at (612) 554-4652.

  • Pick up At the end of class, you may meet your child just outside the Crooked Lake Workshop. 

  • Breaks There will be one morning and one afternoon break and a lunch will be held close to noon. Students are welcome to bring their own snack(s) for break times.

  • What to Bring (Full Day Camps only) Please pack a well-balanced lunch for full-day classes and camps. Students are encouraged to bring water bottles. Because some students have severe nut allergies, please do not pack lunches that contain nuts or nut butters.

  • Allergies The Crooked Lake Workshop tries to meet the needs of all students. If your child has a severe allergy to foods or other common materials, please indicate this on the first day of class with the instructor.

  • What to Wear Although art aprons are provided, please have your child wear comfortable clothes that can get messy. We will occasionally be outside, so please prepare appropriately. Sunglasses, hats and sunscreen are good ideas for hot and sunny days.

  • Behavior Policy To ensure Crooked Lake Workshop programs are safe, respectful, and fun for students and instructors, we have established a policy to manage incidents that involve chronic disruption of classes and/or safety. We reserve the right to remove children who do not adhere to our behavior policy.


  • Photographs The Crooked Lake Workshop assumes the right to record or photograph students in class for educational or promotional purposes. All images will be used to help illustrate and explain educational programs. If you do not want your child to participate, please let your instructor know on the first day of class.

  • Reception On the last session of multiple-day classes, you’re invited to an exhibition of student work. Family members and friends may join their student artists for refreshments about 20 minutes before the end of class. You may take home your child’s work after the reception. ​

  • Questions If you have any questions about the class, please speak to the instructor before or after class or contact (612) 554-4652.